1. Our Emergency Response Team acts fast to mitigate damage.

In the event of a disaster, OUR 24 HOUR EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM will immediately dispatch to your location to provide the supervision, equipment and labor needed to ensure a rapid recovery. Through immediate action, we are able to implement mitigation procedures – which will prevent further damage to your property and possessions.

2. Our Construction Consulting Team handles the recovery process so you don’t have to.

After a disaster, our forensic investigation process is essential to make a full recovery. This process includes technical analysis, cost segregation and scope of work negotiation. It is instrumental in helping our clients return to pre-disaster conditions.


3. Our General Construction Team manages the final phase4 of recovery.

Our Storm 24 team has the experience, expertise and resources to fully restore your property to its original condition while meeting current building codes. We have the finest engineers, architects, estimators and construction crews to quickly begin restoration of your damaged property.

4. Protecting your assets with business continuity planning.

Storm 24’s Alert Recovery Plan delivers custom protection to business owners from all types of disasters when they happen. By pre-planning for an emergency situation you will be better positioned to protect your assets, mitigate the affects of damage, accelerate the recovery process and avoid business interruption.

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